Quality in action is our main motto

We manufacture brand merchandise from clothing through to promotional girts and using skilled staff to meet our customer requirements and expectations.

This is achieved through our Quality Management System that meets the international standard and ensures that business processes are monitored, measured and controlled to promote a continual improvement in our business performance.

The company is also committed to complying with all relevant statutory legislations and operating to industry best practice standards and guidelines.

In accordance with the best management practice particular attention is paid to the provision of a safe and healthy workplace.

This policy is reviewed periodically to our management review meetings and is the basis for our quality objectives.

These are communicated to all employees and contractors to promote both their involvement and committed to the improvement of our business.


Our Basic Key Points to success

  • Strive for superior quality.
  •  Adhere to the highest professional values.
  • Manage our time and resources in a cost-effective manner resulting in greater value for our customers.
  • Maintain a meritocracy, assuming strict accountability and self –governance.
  • Create distinctive impact through exceptional resources and efficient action.
  • Forecast the right trends on time for each segment of the marketplace.
  • Leverage our scale and global sourcing network for each and every partner.
  • Embrace state of the art technologies through all facets of our business.
  • Create strong and consistent relations with a diverse global supply chain while demanding top management practices and equal ethics from all.
  • Demonstrate that true professionalism means respect, care and concern for every individual.
  •  Operate as one unit.